How to Change 2004 Toyota Tacoma Turn Signal Light to LEDs

2020 Toyota Tacoma Introduced on Chicago Auto Show

The Toyota Tacoma, which has already been the best selling median pickup in the United States for 14 years, is currently introduced the 2020 model on Chicago Auto Show. As expected, Toyota applied a few tweaks to specific details , such as the grille design, skull tone, headlight LEDs, and new wheelset options.

Throughout the range, the Toyota Tacoma 2020 can add smart key, LED fog lights, and 360º vision camera. All versions are powered by the Toyota Safety Sense suite’s driving aids, including frontal collision alert with the free emergency brake, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping assistant, automatic high beam assistant, and adaptive cruise control.

The quality LED headlight and fog light on the 2020 model is a doubt to add more safety on night driving or off-road driving. LEDs have been the indispensable auto parts. It increases visibility at night. Compared to the aftermarket led headlight conversion kit, the factory original led headlight can really produce a very decent beam of light. The lighting can penetrate hundreds of meters. And the most important benefit we can gain from LEDs is over 30,000 hours lifespan. The car with led lights just doesn’t need to change the car light bulbs within ten years.

Change The Light Bulb on Old Toyota Tacoma Models in Time

With the time passed, the lighting on some Toyota Tacoma pickup models before 2010 has been burnt or dimmed. As we suggested before, you should change the car light when you see they can not provide you sufficient lighting or signal to oncoming traffic, you should change the light bulb in time for safety driving.

Generally, it is easier to change the car light bulbs in a pickup truck due to the higher amount of space offered by the cab design. Tacoma trucks are the same too. When the signal change begins to act erratically, it may indicate that turn signal light will burn soon, or the turn signal flasher will break. You need to check and find out the reason. If it is a problem of the light bulb, you can change it by yourself and just need to buy a replacement 1156 led bulb for signal light.

1, Check the bulbs at each of the four corners of the truck. If a light bulb breaks down, it will give the symptoms that the flashing lights may be going wrong. Replace any bulbs that have burned out, and then recheck your turn signals to see if they work again. If not, proceed to change the turn signal.

2, Find the interior fuse box. It is located on the bottom of the dashboard panel, or under the steering wheel. Remove the fuse box cover and with a screwdriver remove the screw that holds it in place.

3, Look for the turn signal flasher behind the fuse box and remove the wrong unit. Replace the fuse with the new, set position fuse box with the screw, and replace the cover.

4, Start the Tacoma and check each of the turn signals that work correctly. You can also see the emergency lights from the replaced relay they operate as well.

Tips and Warnings

  • Check the turn signal fuse, which is in the interior fuse box.
  • Replace both front and rear bulbs by removing the lens from the outside of the truck and replacing the bulbs. Then screw the back of the lens in place.
  • The Tacoma requires two different types of turn signal light bulbs, depending on whether they go in the front or the back. The rear replacement bulb is an 1156 bulb. The new front turn signal bulbs are 3157 led bulbs.

How to Retrofit T10 Led Lights Under Your Truck

There are some benefits to have a pickup truck. Due to its higher distance on the ground, four-wheel drive, larger wheels with deep carving, less wheelbase and more generous angles of attack, these vehicles are ideal for going to the off road. That is, to drive on the road without asphalt. Besides, pickup trucks offer greater safety on difficult roads, thanks to their mechanical aids and higher ground clearance.

Another reason why people choose pickup truck is, these vehicles have better interior space and good for a family going out together. People will feel more comfortable when sitting inside. And when it comes to adventure travel, you can fit a tent, a fishing pole, bicycles and a picket.

Pickup Truck Lights

People love to install some OEM replacement led headlight or led light bar to their pickup truck for improving the illuminating ability. These stuffes are very useful when you are going to off road when the place has no road light. The led headlight or led light bar can produce over 10,000 lumens output and brighten the space around you. I install the led light bar from on my Ford150, it is extremly bright and you should try it as well. It won’t disappoint you. And today, what I am going to share to you, it is the idea to install led light bulb under your truck.

How to Install LED Bulb Under The Truck?

With a pickup truck, you can go further from on-road to off-road and can find lots of retrofitting kits on the market, which a car can not. For these reasons, people often like to customize their trucks. One way to do this is to install led lights under the pickup truck. These lights come in all kinds of shapes and colors. To install these lights, you must connect them to the truck’s battery so they can receive power.

You can install led light in 8 steps

– Put the truck in “Park”, and turn off the engine.

– Open the hood of the truck, and unplug the negative cable connected to the battery.

– Place the LED lights in the position where you want. Keep them away from extreme heat or moving parts. Connect the LED bracket using the parts included with the LED light kit. (You may need a screwdriver to perform this option.) Fit the LED lights into the bracket.

– Connect the positive and negative leads of the LED light to their respective clamp terminals.

– Place the LED ignition switch inside the truck.

– Run positive cable from LED light to positive battery cable connected to the battery. Wrap the positive LED wire around the positive battery cable to secure it in place.

– Run the negative wire from the terminal to the switch inside the truck. If you cannot find any holes that you can go through (some trucks have holes in the floor under the mat), you should use a drill to make a hole through which the wire can run.

– Reconnect the negative battery cable.

How to Change 2004 Honda Odyssey Backup Lights to LEDs

Honda Odyssey was launched for the first time in 1995, until now; it has been 25 years. Recently, Honda announced the launch of a package of special accessories designed for the Odyssey 2020 to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

New Honda Odyssey Package As I Know

For the exterior, this special accessory kit includes led headlights, chrome accents, signature badges, and new 19-inch wheels that give the minivan a very sporty and modern look.

Under the hood, all 2020 Honda Odyssey will be outfitted with the 280-horsepower 3.5-liter i-VTEC, V6 engine, accompanied by a 10-speed automatic transmission.

For the interior, it is equipped with leather upholstery as well as an electric sunroof with one-touch function and tilt function. It also has an electric tailgate and three new USB ports, in addition to the Satelite-Linked Navigation system.

For the Touring and Elite versions, systems such as LED headlights with automatic on and off.

Is Honda Odyssey A Good Car?

Time back to 2004, in that year, I bought my first car, Honda Odyssey. That is the excellent family car with 7 seats, I can take my 3 kids, and my parents go outdoors to camp. You can bring lots of stuff on the trunk, till now it is still going strong, except the lighting. The lighting on the 2004 Honda Odyssey is all halogen bulbs. You must change these small glass bulbs regularly as they have only around 3,000 hours of lifespan. Over 3,000 hours, they produce less and less lighting for you, which reduces your visibility at night time. It is necessary to change them regularly. Recently, the reverse light on my car has been dimmed again. So I bought a replacement 921 led bulbs from AutoZone yesterday, and I just change the bulb by myself.

The Steps to Change the Reverse Light on 2004 Honda Odyssey

The reverse bulbs on the 2004 Honda Odyssey are located in the sconce on the back of the trunk lid. The process of replacing the backup light bulb consists of removing the wall light to access the bulbs. The entire process is relatively simple and straightforward. It requires the use of a socket wrench and a replacement reverse led bulb. The reverse light bulb on 2004 Odyssey uses a 921 type bulbs, while the replacement led 921 bulbs can be purchased at most auto parts stores.

– Turn off the engine and open the trunk. Use a socket wrench to remove the nine nuts from the bottom of the trunk.

– Pull the rear trunk light away from the vehicle. This will reveal the power outlets on the trunk lid. Remove the socket by pressing the tab on the socket and rotating the socket counterclockwise and pulling on it.

– Pull the old light bulb out of the socket. Do not turn on the old bulb. Install the new bulb in the socket. Be sure not to touch the glass part of the replacement bulb.

– Reinstall the socket in the assembly. Tighten the connector by turning clockwise.

– Place the applet back on the trunk lid to retrieve it by reinstalling the nine nuts. Close the trunk.

A New led light bulbs to produce crisp white lighting, which helps me park my car at night. And at this time, I choose 921 led light bulbs because the salesman on Autozone tell me that this kind of led bulbs from Ledoauto can last over 10,000 hours on the reverse light. That is 3 times longer than the halogen bulbs. Bedsides, they consume less power than halogen bulbs, that is green to the environment. The price is not expensive. I think it is really worth to try.

Tips for You to Change The Brake Light Bulbs on 2016 Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one of the best mid-size sedans. In 2016, I bought my first Honda Accord. I do think the Accord is designed to be far superior to the other mid-szie sedans on the market. I have leather upholstery in my car, electric seats, sunroof, bi xenon projector headlight, a spacious, comfortable cabin and also with a huge trunk and most importantly full connectivity with our phone.

If you are asking me what cons the 2016 Honda Accord has, I will say the car rear lighting. You can see many new cars in 2020 have all led lighting on the exterior and interior. But, on 2016 Honda Accord, they still use the factory original halogen bulbs on rear lamps. Do you know these mean what? It means you have to change these rear light bulbs every 1-2 years. Becaue the halogen light bulbs only have 3,000 hours lifespan (actually they have only 1,000 hours in best working condition, then they will be dim and produce less lighting gradually). So, if you have a 2016 Honda Accord, changing the light bulb in rear lamp is a necessary work.

Better Lighting Solution for 2016 Honda Accord

Is there any solution to it? Yes, in 2020, led car light is being mature on technology. We find the top car lighting supplier like Philips, Osram, all of them manufacture and supply led car light bulbs. We can buy these replacement led light bulbs to change the factory original halogen bulbs. LED light bulbs are working in high efficiency and waste very little energy because they produce less heat compared to halogen bulbs. Now, I opt to led light to change the light bulbs on my car.

Where to Buy Quality Led Lights

These led light bulbs can be found everywhere, including amazon, ebay, Walmart, AutoZone, or any auto parts store. Remmember to choose the led light from famous brand. They promise the quality and warranty. Don’t buy from unknow brand for cheaper price cause they may burnt out and damage your rear lamp, which make you lose more when repair.

How to Install Led Bulb in Car
It is quitely simple to install these replacement led light bulbs in car. You just need some simple tools and patient. I have changed the rear fog light, backup light, brake light on my Honda Accord to LEDs. Take brake light as an example. You can change the light bulbs in brake light to LEDs in 5 steps.

– Using a Torx screwdriver to remove out the license plate.

– Remove the six screws on the rear bumper for holding the brake light assembly. but keep in mind the main wire harness is connected to it.

– Twist out the bulb counterclockwise by hand to remove the bulb from the back of the assembly.

– Insert the new led bulb in to the brake light assembly, fixing it on the socket clockwise, make sure the light bulb holding well.

– Reinstall the rake light assembly on the rear bumper and turn a quarter-turn clockwise to secure it. Reinstall the six screws on the rear bumper.

– Reattach the license plate and tighten the two screws.

Tips for you to Choose Led Lights

If you want to follow my guide to change the brake light bulbs on your car, these are the tips for you to choose the led light bulbs.

– Choose custom LED light bulbs that are specific to your vehicle. For example, you can find LED brake lights designed explicitly as aftermarket lights for Harley Davidson motorcycles and other vehicles.

– Choose switchback LED light bulbs, which are clear LED brake lights with built-in turn signal light. This means that white light will appear when not in use, then it will turn red when in use.

– Choose LED light bulbs with higher visibility. Instead of remaining static, these lights continuously flash, allowing you to be easily seen.

How to repair car Fog light or plastic headlight lens

Fog light or frosted headlight lens affects how light shines through it; this is a common problem with any vehicle with a plastic headlight lens. I will show you a quick solution that I used, and it worked for me!


Inspect the headlight lens and see if they can be repaired. The worst-case is, the headlight lens is totally broken, and you will have to throw it away and buy new parts. My headlights are off from a 96 Dodge Stratus and fogged up pretty bad. I used a blue tent paper towel and doubled over and dampened it with a little paint thinner. I wiped the lenses several times to clean off and smooth the surface of the plastic.

They then sprayed me two coats oft clearcoat paint on them, letting them dry for about 10 minutes between coats.

Let them dry for at least an hour and then install them back into the car. Test the lights and see if everything is better!

Tips and Warnings

  • Check your lights before unplugging car cables so bad light bulbs can be changed when homes are removed from the car
  • If your headlight housings cannot be repaired, you will have to replace them, not being able to see at night is not an option.


4 Types of Car Light Bulbs You Can Replace

We have different lighting on the car, and they play specific functions for your driving, some of them for illuminating, some of them for signaling. The car manufacturer uses different types of light bulbs on their car models. These light bulbs can be replaced when they burn out, and we can easily find the replacement led bulbs on the market. But when you are buying the replacement bulb, you should make sure you buy the right bulb type, which should be the same as the original one. The bulbs can be unique, requiring some power and fit into particular shots. It is essential to ensure that the correct bulbs are used in the right places to ensure proper operation.

Headlight Bulbs

There are basically three types of bulbs used in headlights and brake lights; Incandescent, halogen, and xenon. Incandescent is the standard bulbs that most American manufacturers use. These provide natural light using regular bulbs. Halogen lights are mostly similar to incandescent bulbs, but have an added tungsten filament; the result is brighter, whiter light that is kinder to the eyes and lasts longer. These are more expensive than incandescent bulbs. Xenon bulb uses a mixture of the gases to produce a bright white light that draws the least power from the battery.

Exterior Light Bulbs

There are specialty exterior lights that specialty bulbs require in certain cars. These are in addition to the regular lights and fulfill specific functions. Examples of this are fog lights, driving lights, and high beam and low beam lights. Sometimes these lights require specialty bulbs, or it won’t fit.

Interior Light Bulbs

More and more cars offer additional lights in interior, incluing mirror lighting, glove box lighting, etc. They all require specific bulb type. Each car model and brand has its own list of bulbs. Luckily there are many search engines on the Internet, such as, dedicated to searching for bulbs that vary.


In the recent years, LEDs is not doubt to be the most popular car light product on the market. No matter for headlight, exterior light, or interior light, you can see more and more vehicles use the replacement led bulbs. Led car lights has the benefits below:

    • The white light and brightness are the main reason why people choose led lights. People don’t like the yellow light from the factory halogen bulbs now because they think this is old type stuff. As we can see, the new Audi car model and BMW car model all come with LED lighting that produce crisp white light. So people want to have these kind of lighting on their vehicle, then replacement led bulb is being the best option. Changing to these led bulbs, you car will has crisp white lighting and modern appearance. Also the brightness of car light will get a eye-can-see improvement.
    • Led car lights are better for the environment. I am not saying that led light won’t cause environmental pollution. I means LED light consume less power, they can convert 80% of electrical energy to light and produce less heat compared to halogen bulb or xenon bulb. And they are small power. A led headlight bulb could be 25 watt only while a halogen headlight bulb would be 55 watt. So, while you convert all your car light to LEDs, you can save harf of energy consuming on your car lights.
    • The final reason why people choose led car light is, they are really easy to install (compared to xenon bulb). If our factory car light break, we buy a replacement halogen bulb and we know they would be plug and play. But halogen bulb are yellow light and not super bright. People are looking for a better lighting solution. Then xenon bulb comes, they are super bright, white color; but they are not easy on installation. While you want to install a xenon bulb on your car, you have to retrofit your reflector car headlight to be hid projector car headlight. That is a professional work that you can do by yourself. And this headlight retrofitting will cost you at least 500 dollars. It is too expensive. Then, led headlight comes, it totally solve the problem. You can need some simple tools and patience, you will be able to install these bulbs in your car within 30 minutes.


Although the led bulb is a little expensive than halogen bulb. But they are the best solution to all kind of car light on your car. It save your money to hire a mechanic to retrofit car headlight, and it offer you white lighting and high brightness that luxury vehicle have. That is the reason why people now all choose led car lights.

How to Change a Parking Light on a 1990 Honda Accord

The 1990 Honda Accord has parking lights (also called position lights or work lights) on the front and rear of the body. The lights are used to help other drivers see their cars. The bulbs from the 1,990 Honda Accord parking light are standard bulbs available at any auto parts store. The headlights use an H11 bulb, and the taillights use an 1157 bulb. Changing them is an effortless task and can be done in a few minutes. The only tools needed are essential tools that you probably already have around the house.


Change a front light bulb.

Open the hood of your 1990 Honda Accord and locate the retaining screw on the radiator’s bracket just behind the headlight. Remove the screw with a Phillips screwdriver, then pull the light parking assembly out of the front cover of the Deal.

Locate the bulb and socket on the back of the lighting unit. Turn the socket counterclockwise a quarter, opening the socket and remove it from the assembly. Pull the bulb out of the socket and replace it with a new h11 led bulb, pushing the bulb in until it seats in the socket.

Insert the bulb and socket into the back of the light assembly, then turn clockwise until it clicks into place. Slide the light assembly back into the body and install the retaining screw. Tighten the screw with a Phillips screwdriver, and then close the hood.

Changing a Parking Rear Light Bulb

Open the elevator door or trunk of your Accord. Locate the access panel just inside the left or right side of the opening. Remove the access cover by pulling it loose, and set it aside.

Locate the bulb socket inside the access hole. Turn the cap counterclockwise and remove it from the back of the taillight. Take the bulb out of the socket and discard it. Install a new 1157 led bulb into the socket, pushing it in until it seats in the socket.

Insert the bulb and socket into the back of the taillight, turn the socket clockwise until it clicks into place. Install the access cover back over the hole in the upholstery, snapping it firmly into place. Close the elevator door and turn on the lights. Check the lights are working, and then turn off the lights.


How to Install A Front Led Light on Bicycle

No matter what type of bicycle you are riding, you should always think about safety when cycling. As mentioned before, you should prepare your riding accessories well, including your helmet, sports thermos, and a repair kit consisting of camera patches and a multi-tool. But, most people ignore an essential accessory to your bike. That is the lighting.

When you are riding at night or in other places with low visibility, you are putting yourself in danger because the car on the roads cannot see you at a long distance. And when they react, you are in front of them, they can not stop their vehicle in time. An accident will happen.

It is essential to place a good pair of lights on your bike front and rear if you want to travel on sidewalks, highways, streets, or roads. If you do mountain biking, that same light will serve to accurately visualize the path you are pedaling. Carrying led lights on your bike is the best decision you can make to stay visible and safer.

In many countries, the law states that cyclists who ride after dark must have white front light and red rear light.

How to Choose Bicycle Light?

– The Light Beam And Color
When it comes to lights for urban use, the lights must have a focus light beam where they are placed. The front lighting should be strong enough to light up your way, while the rear ones need to be the right beam and red color to make you visible to those behind you. And the front lights cannot be too bright. Some people use led car light (car headlight conversion kit) on their bicycle, that is totally wrong. Because the lightings from car headlight will be reflected by headlamp housing. But the bike doesn’t have that kind of big headlamp. You cannot choose the car headlight bulb to use by bike.

– Types of lights
The most common bike light is led light with an internal battery that can be charged by USB. Another choice is dynamo-charged lights, which means you can connect them to your wheels and power them with the same movement you do when pedaling.

How to Install Led Lights on Bicycle

If you plan to ride at night, you must equip your bike with a light. When mounting a light, you need to position it correctly on your bike. The front fork is one of the best places to install a light, as it allows the light to a position closer to the road surface that is going to be illuminating.

1, Get your new bike light and look for the O-ring clamp underneath the light. Loosen the clamp with your fingers, turning counterclockwise. This will open the clamp to prepare the led light for mounting.

2, Place the tip of your clamp in the desired position on the fork in front of your bike. Place the clamp on the front fork by placing it around one of your bars.

3, Tighten the clamp halfway back, turning clockwise, so the light stays in place on the front forks.

4, Turn on the light by pressing the corresponding button. Check that the beam is shining at least 10 feet in front of you. Make the necessary adjustments if you don’t get the ideal beam distance.

5, Tighten the O-ring clamp fully to hold the led light in place. To do this, turn the clamp clockwise until it comes to a complete stop.

How to Change a Tail Light on Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter

Scooter is considered to be the ideal alternative to vehicles in the city. It will help you to move around the city without worrying the traffic jam. Thanks to its dimensions and the use of smaller wheels, a small or medium scooters are around 20-50 kgs, that means you can ride it to anywhere. And when you arrive the destination, you can bring it with you and don’t need to consider where to park it.

If there is any disadvantage of scooter, it is the zero load capacity. Scooter can not carry heavy stuff with you. You may think you won’t carry too many stuff when you go outdoor. But, you forget some necessory accessories, including helmet, and some samll ojects like umbrella. Riding a scooter, you can only take these stuff in hand..


Another benefit of scooter is that you just need to pay a little maintenance cost on it, since scooter has less components than motorcycle and these components are not expensive. In addition, the engines on scooter are designed to withstand the hard bustle of riding around the city and, and they also offer very acceptable power consumption.


In some countries, It has the law regularing to having front lights in every scooter. The original front lights on the scooter are important to ensure you can have a good visibility at night. Learning how to repair the front light on your scooter will help you get back on the road safely. Actually, because scooter has simple stucture, it is not difficult to replace these front light bulb. You can buy the replacement led bulb from quality supplier and just do it by yourself. This procedure should take about half an hour to complete.

The tips for you to repair the front lights on Scooter

– Purchase a replacement front led light bulb from an quality led car light supplier. Indicate which model bike you have to get the appropriate light bulb.

– Stand behind your scooter and locate two small instant rivets. There will be one on each side of the frame near the base by the side reflectors.

– Remove the rivets by hand or needle-nose pliers and set them aside. Find the tabs on both sides of the bottom frame. Press down on the tabs with your fingers and pull down firmly until you loosen the sides of the bottom frame.

– Find the main tab in the center of the bottom frame and push that tab down. Wiggle and pull the frame until your grip loosens. It may take a little effort to get it free.

– Use a socket wrench to remove the screws that hold the front light in place. Set the screws aside.

– Wiggle the front light loose until you can access the wiring harness on the back of it. Grasp the wiring where it meets the assembly by hand and pull the wires away from the front light assembly. Set the old mount aside.

– Put a new front led light bulb and mount it in place. If you want to replace the bulb, grab the old bulb, turn counterclockwise to remove it, and squeeze a new bulb in place by turning it clockwise.

– Connect the wiring from the back of the set. Line the bottom frame with the tabs in place, push the frame into the holes on the side tab, and then push the middle tab until the frame snaps back into place. Put the rivets in place.

How to change 2002 Honda Civic side marker light

Honda presented the 2019 Civic sedan and coupe versions in the last year. It highlights a slight change in exterior aesthetics, including chrome details on the sides around the fog lights, as well as improved LED lights for the Touring version that offers a wider beam of light.New Civic comes with better led lighting, no matter on the exterior or the interior. While led headlight makes the vehicle look modern, the white-led dome light gives you have a better reading experience inside the car. Look at these new Civic, an idea comes to my mind. Can we retrofit the old Civic to have these led lights? Today, I will show you how to add a 194 led bulb to the side marker light.

Put A Led Bulb on Side Marker Light

My 2002 Honda Civic have been lasting for years and I always keep up to date with the regular maintenance to it. Not to be overlooked are the lights of the Civic. Not only do they help to see, but they add visibility to other drivers. Side marker lights are particularly important. You can change Honda Civic side marker lights easily by following these steps.1, Park your Honda Civic on a level surface with the engine off, and make the parking brake applied. This is the necessary process whenever you want to make any change on your Civic and stand in front of or behind the vehicle, it will protect you from some unexpected danger.2, Remove the two screws that hold the side position lens on the vehicle. The front side markers are orange and located next to the headlight with the lens wrap facing the side of the car. The rear side marker lights are one of the four lights covered by the tail light lens (turn signal, brake, reverse and side marker lights). The side marker light is closest to the side of the car under the red part of the rear lens cap. Both the front and rear side position lenses (including the rear mount) hold in place with two screws only, one on each side of the lens.

3, Squeeze the bulb with your thumb and forefinger and push it into the bulb socket. Twist it (clockwise or counterclockwise), and you will feel the bulb “pop” toward you when the base of which aligned with the molded release channel in the receptacle has activated. When you think this “pop,” pull the old light bulb out sideways.

4, Lightly coat the end of the new bulb (which goes into the socket) with dielectric grease. Dielectric grease will help seal moisture and debris out of the way that could interfere with metal to metal points on the electrical connection. Align the two side tabs on the end of the bulb with the release channel in the socket and push it as far as it can go. Then, turn the bulb clockwise or counterclockwise until you feel it “pop” in the locked position. Replace the lens cap.

What Benefit Led Side Marker Light Bring to Me

The 194 led bulb I installed on Civic side marker light is slightly brighter than the original halogen bulb. But the real reason to upgrade the side marker light is not for the brightness, but the energy-saving and long-lasting. The led bulb can last 30,000 hours or more. That means, I spend time to convert the side marker light bulb at this time, and I might never have to touch the side marker light bulb again. It will last maybe longer than my car. Besides, the led side marker light is really energy saving. The original halogen bulb on side marker light is 25 watt, while the led light bulb is only 2 watt. Led bulb requires less fuel to power it, and still can improve the car performance.