I’m very excited that Honda is finally having the TCR Type R race car available to the public. What is the TCR Type R race car? what’s in it and what’s so good about it? Well, let’s discuss all of that the last question.

What is the TCR type R Race Car?

They take the type of chassis which is a really good chassis. They take it from Sweden, they ship it over to a shop in England for motorsports, and they’ve built it out from there. They also use the same exact engine as well same turbo, same everything, but other than that it’s pretty much a different car. So what are the main differences?

let’s start from the outside now. As you can see, the outside is much more aggressive. It has a very aggressive front air dam and splitter, the whole wide body kit made out of a composite plastic to be lightweight was designed to the front for two reasons, and that’s the first reason obviously is for aerodynamic purposes. When you’re going high speed, you need stability. And second reason is to get as much air as possible through that engine. As you know, these engines can be prone to overheating just like pretty much any other type are or sorry turbo engine that’s out there that can be prone to overheating in prolonged racing environments. As these are race cars, they wanted to make sure that they get the proper cooling, so there’s a whole nuts and everything directed, and a special radiator, an intercooler from that fronts wide body kit. Of course, it has the position or spot, so you can install whatever wing you feel like installing. It doesn’t come to the factory wing that our tie bars comes from and comes with. It comes with a special wing that you can order yourself and you can you know modify it into whatever you’d like with it so that you have your choice in the wing department now. Here’s where it gets really special.

The biggest difference I think is the transmission. So the TCR type-r does not have the manual transmission and has a sequential 6-speed gearbox. Now, what that gives you is really quick response and of course, no grinding issues as you may or may not know FKA tie bars I’ve had rindy issues here and there. And it’s been fortunately, I was able to fix it, but I still have the faith that I should have the transmission. But with that sequential gearbox, you don’t have any of those problems, and when you hear the car running, you hear the gears whining. That means there are stronger gears you wouldn’t want that in a passenger car, most likely because it’ll get annoying. The gear wine will be kind of annoying. My personal car shouldn’t have that cause it will bother to the neighbors. But for a race car, of course, you don’t care about that, it sounds really awesome, I actually kind of wish they offered that same transmission for the tie bars. I think a lot of people would opt for that sequential 6-speed hell auto and would pay an extra three to four thousand dollars, just to get that. That’s the consistent speed in their tie bar. I’ll be honest, I’d be one of those guys that would actually get that sequential gearbox. It sounds awesome, it looks awesome, and I think it’s just a really nice upgrade for the tie bar rounding out. the upgrades compared to this tie bar to the TCR surely is a suspension. it doesn’t have adjustable suspension, not like this anyway, and Oland dampers. they are really good, probably one of the best damper company or suspension company out there. It has adjustable three-way adjustable sway bars so you can adjust it the way you need to. it’s got an adjustable –different adjustable suspension links and ends, so you can adjust the damper, the caster, and you can adjust camber, all kinds of adjustment. That’s exactly what you need for a race car. With all of that, I think the car is really cool, really well done.


What is the price?

Now the price has not been announced, unfortunately, I don’t know what the price would be. But I’m guessing it would be somewhere around $100,000. You know all that development and cost that it took that Motorsports to create the car. You know it has to go somewhere and it’ will go to the price of the car. Motech is not a not inexpensive either all that Motek computer wizardry in there because it’s not just the ECU tuning. It also has a Motek screen for the telemetry and all those things cost a lot of money. Then it rounds out with the full-on roll cage inside the car. It’s a full roll cage, not a roll bar like I have my Prelude. And in the car, there is a strip that has a special bucket so a race car drivers can race in any race. So yeah, it’s gonna be about $100,000 dollars and that sounds like a lot, but before a purpose-built race car really isn’t now for the question.